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Database Updating

We work with our clients by developing a partnership based on RESULTS... VALUE... and TRUST. We build relationships with our clients by becoming an extension of their sales team. When you choose to outsource your inside sales function to OPK, you will have the ability to ramp up quickly during busy seasons and scale back when things slow down.

We foster key relationships and nurture them through follow up and development of a continuous sales funnel. Our efforts will ensure that you have leads and prospects to follow up with year round. Most importantly, our callers know how to have a natural meaningful conversation with prospects and do not sound like they are reading off of a script.

Your marketing campaigns are only as good as the lists you are using. How long has it been since you updated your customer database? We will clean and update your database so that you can maximize the efficiency of all of your outbound call programs.  Before you begin your outbound calling project, consider a database cleansing campaign with OPK Telemarketing.

OPK Telemarketing will help drive attendance to your seminars and events. We will assist you with designing a cost effective program aimed at filling seats with qualified buyers and prospects for your seminar or event. Our professional and experienced team will help you get the word out so your next event is a huge success!

List Services  & Consulting

No time to follow up on all of those leads from your last trade show? Pass them along to us and we will follow up on them for you!? We can assist with all of your trade show follow up needs by setting up phone or face to face appointments for your sales team. 

Our specialized team will help you make the most of your new product launch or other market research initiatives. We can assist you with assessing the viability of your current marketing positions and help you improve your competitive positioning through the development of effective value propositions. 

Do you need help developing a strong funnel of prospects interested in your product or service? Hire OPK to develop your leads funnel so that your sales team can spend their valuable time reaching out to leads that are already interested in your products and/or services. 

Need a call list? We can provide you with a viable, current list of prospects for your outbound calling campaign. Just give us your key parameters and we can get you a quality list in no time. If you engage in a campaign with us, your initial list will be free of charge!

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